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Home and Land Package Costs (incl stamp duty, interest on land and interest on progress payments to builder)
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* NOTE: Percentages below based on Industry Standard progress payments to the builder & may be changed by user to suit your circumstances!
Tender Deposit:  5% * %  
Base (Slab): 10% * %          
Frame Complete: 15% * %            
Brickwork Complete: 35% * %              
Fixing: 25% * %                  
Practical Completion: 10% * %                    
Total: 100% % 1 2
  If you change percentages NOTE -   1 Must total 100%     2 Must equal 'Value of Home' above to be accurate            

Total Home and Land Package Value: Purchase Costs for Home and Land Package:

If land is unregistered Stamp Duty is payable following Land Contract being exchanged - your Solicitor or Conveyancer will advise when this is payable.
Stamp Duty concessions for first home buyers vary from time to time and State to State - check Office of State Revenue in your State for lastest information.
Building Tender is signed at the start on 5% deposit. Building Contract is signed in month 1 or 2.
Month 2 - 4 allows for plan preparation (drawing), approvals and materials ordering by builder. Slab is poured in month 4 or month 5.
Progress Payment percentages vary from State and builder to builder - change percentages in RED to suit your circumstances.
This calculator is based on general industry standards

This calculator is to be used as an indicative guide only and we advise seeking professional advice that suits your circumstances.