Configure reverse DNS or PTR in WHM

Setting up a PTR record is required for IP each address that sends and receives email as it is used by most email servers to reduce spam.

A Reverse DNS Record or PTR record allows any server to verify that the IP Address is authorised by the domain name and advises a server receiving an email from your domain that it is authorised to do so.

You need to make sure your DNS nameservers have authority for your IP address, most hosting providers allow you to set up PTR records.
If not, you will need to contact them directly to enable the feature or set-up the PTR records for you, if you are in doubt contact your hosting provider before proceeding.

Step 1.

Login to WHM

Step 2.

Navigate to Home > DNS Functions

Step 3.

Navigate to Home > DNS Functions > Add a DNS Zone

Step 4.

In the Domain Selection box enter your IP address in the Ip eg 111.222.333.444

The domain field is a little more difficult see steps below (use notepad or similar, then copy from it)

    a. Drop the last octet (end digits) from your IP address eg 111.222.333.

    b. Reverse the order of the octets that remain: 111.222.333 becomes 333.222.111

    c. If the first octet is 25 or below add 128/ (128slash) in front eg 128/333.222.111

        If the first octet is above 25 add 128- (128dash) in front eg 128-333.222.111

    d. Now append to the end of the octets eg

    e. Now copy this and paste it into Domain box

Step 5. optional

Navigate to Home > DNS Functions > Edit DNS Zone

Step 6. optional

Your DNS Zone File should show your Reverse DNS or PTR record eg

Step 7. optional

Your DNS Zone File should show your Reverse DNS or PTR record eg

After propogation of your DNS you can check your PTR record in external DNS lookup solutions like MX Toolbox.