Company Profile

Development Sites - Acquisitions & Sales

Our experience in acquiring development sites for developers and marketing development sites for owners gives us a thorough understanding for negotiating on behalf of either party. Note that we can only act for one party in relation to a transaction.

Subdivision Layout & Design

Employing our AutoCad skills and experience we are able to ensure the highest yield and best outcome for any subdivision.

Project Feasibility Analysis

Our understanding of Council and State Government requirements combined with years of experience allow us to analyse any subdivision and assess it's economic viability, usually prior to purchase.

Development Applications

Our understanding of Council Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans, Section 94 contributions and Complying Development Code together with our experience in advising in Land & Environment Court cases enables us to negotiate with Council when required and prepare Development Applications together with the various reports required for the application and lodge same with Council and other Statutory Authorities.

We have also undertaken negotiations with NSW Government Departments, including Planning NSW and directly with various NSW Planning Ministers and Premiers, on both sides of politics, since 2001.

Subdivision Construction & Project Management

We have consulted on and managed a number of subdivision construction projects in relation to residential subdivision.

Project Marketing & Subdivision Sales

The sale of vacant residential land to builders and the public which prompted the establishment of LandPro in 1999.

Home & Land Packages

These packages are marketed jointly with leading Sydney builders on land that we market and includes all types of dwellings.